With the hospitality sector in the UK being among those to suffer most dramatically as a result of the global pandemic, many restaurants and catering businesses are looking for ways to adapt their model to navigate the trying times ahead. Will fine dining ever be the same? Will chefs be able to justify the astronomical central London rents and overheads in the wake of this global crisis? And on the other end; will diners feel more comfortable enjoying delicious meals in the comfort and security of their own homes with family and friends? 


But surely part of what makes a great dining experience is beyond just great food; an elegant table setting, designer cutlery & crockery, music, lighting, and atmosphere all play a role in our experience of the meal.

As of June 2020 we are launching our ‘Multisensory Dining at Home’ service, as the name would suggest we are offering the opportunity to host your own sensory gastronomic experience at home. This bespoke service delivers a 4 to 6-course menu (pre-prepared, portioned and designed for the host to finish in their own home kitchen) along with the wines, tableware, table dressing, audio playlist, and other sensory elements such as texture cubes, projectors, wireless headphones, levitating plates and of course a virtual chef who hosts the experience on the evening, explaining the stories behind the dishes and wines. The experience is designed based on Kitchen Theory’s experimental research and culinary style, but a call with the chef in advance allows for the service to be tailored to the host’s requirements, skill level, and kitchen layout/appliances.