Ok.. so London is one of the most happening restaurant cities in the world right now, but for us this just wasn’t enough; so we set up our own experimental kitchen where we have the freedom to learn & discover, develop, research & create, without the constraints of a traditional restaurant and fixed services, or the need to chase endlessly after ratings and accolades.


What we do

Our activities range from our experimental chef’s table, research into gastrophysics and neurogastronomy with  Professor Charles Spence of Oxford University’s Cross Modal Department, talks and seminars, corporate experience design as well as other random projects we find of interest.

We are always on the look out for great talent! Whether you  are interested in exploring the field as part of an internship or perhaps looking for a very different new permanent role, get in touch! We are a small team so we may not have something for you immediately but if you fit the bill  we will keep your cv on file until something suitable comes up.

Types of roles

  • Kitchen roles:

    We are an experimental kitchen primarily, so our chef roles are no ordinary chef job, with service and mise en place making up about only 60% of the job, research and development as well as working on our various projects all make up the remaining 40%.

  • Business development/Marketing:

    We are spontaneous, dynamic and quick thinking. We love our brand and believe in what we do. Office jobs can be boring so we mix things up. One day we are working on the ground at an event, or visiting an expo to learn about the latest trends but at every step of the way we think outside of the box to find new and interesting opportunities.

  • Service/ Front of house:

    ‘an eye for detail’ is so cliche, and its not just about the details its about the attitude. Kitchen Theory is our home, and we work hard to not only offer our guests the very best but to also make them feel like home. We dont just serve and clear…. we educate, entertain and make guests feel at home. Join the show where the food is the star backed by an amazing cast.


We are a small family. We work very hard. We make it happen…. #gohardorgohome


Do you think you fit the bill?? We are keen to hear from you! Drop us an email with your CV and a bit about yourself. E-mail us on admin@kitchen-theory.com