Dornenburg & Page - Culinary ArtistryMost professional chefs skip cookbooks altogether, but one book you′re likely to find well–thumbed on their bookshelves is Culinary Artistry.

Its about all the creative side of cooking. So, you will find a series of shorts from leading American chefs on the artistic aspects of cooking. This is followed by extensive coverage of creating flavours, creating dishes, creating menus, and evolving a cuisine.

Certain flavours go well with other flavours, either in contrast or as complements – that is fact. The contents of this book, therefore, offer the potential for tens of thousands of combinations – coming mainly from European cooking, and if you want to experiment with non-European flavours, then understanding why flavours work together will give you a head start there. That’s why this book is so good. It’s not a series of prescriptions, rather hundreds of suggestions for you to try and to study, and to learn from. The lessons apply to anything you eat, whatever the cuisine. All you have to do is observe and take note. So, this is not the perfect guide to creative cooking – that book can never be written – but it’s one hell of a start!

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