Ekokook kitchenIf you are dreaming of a modern kitchen that has a complete water and waste management system, look no further! The Ekokook futuristic kitchen by Fatalzi is an innovative shift to the storage and processing of waste and liquid kitchens, reducing your ecological footprint and enhancing the earth’s environment by using an intricate, eco-friendly system. This kitchen effectively turns each waste into a new resource and each drop of water into reusable liquid. It also has three micro-plant systems that help to reduce the environmental footprint: microplant 1 used for solid wastes, microplant 2 used for liquid wastes and microplant 3 used for organic wastes.The kitchen has machines that use a small steel ball to break glass for the reduction of waste. It also has a shredder to shred paper then turn it into briquettes, and an endless screw to crush cans and water bottles. This kitchen also has a built-in double sink with a water reservoir and two pitchers that collect kitchen water, recycling it into clean water that can be used to water flowers and plants. The kitchen comes with a filter that allows the removal of unclean particles and it’s water device can save up to 15 litres a day. A part of microplant 3, the drum-shaped earthworm composter utilizes earth worms to break down organic wastes such as left-over’s, fruit and vegetable peelings, and scrapings too.Ekokook kitchen