We believe humans can only make sense of life, interact and communicate using their senses – we have no other way of receiving information about the world around us – which forms our perspective and reality. Life therefore can be seen as a continuous series of multisensory experiences, which create our existence. Welcome to the world of Gastrophysics.

Do you want to eat crisps with no crunch? An Irish stew served cold? A Michelin starred meal off paper plates with plastic cutlery? How about listening to a screeching violin while eating your sweet dessert? Chances are you answered no to all the above, and there is good reason behind your responses. Our goal is driven by wanting to find out why these suggestions are all incongruent and how we can work towards developing that ‘perfect’ meal. We want to know what factors make up a delicious and memorable dining experience and what patterns are to be found.

Most importantly we seek to understand the relationship we have with food, how we relate to and interact with it, how we use our senses to make sense of it and put it in context. In doing we so we hope to find ways of solving some of the most challenging health problems that the world is currently facing including; malnutrition, childhood obesity, diabetes and weight loss.

Oxford University’s leading Experimental Psychologists Professor Charles Spence and Kitchen Theory Founder and Experimental Chef Jozef Youssef have partnered up as The Chef and the The Scientist on a mission to change the way we eat. The duo have had number of academic papers published in peer-reviewed journals and have travelled around Europe to host a number of talks on their work. Their plan is to focus their efforts on taking the research to a wider audience, bridging the gap between academia and the outside world, and making it all so much more accessible; through a variety of talks, dinners, networking events, and online content.

Youssef and Spence regularly speak at events around the world such as Brainy Tongue in San Sebastian, 100% Design in London, Cheltenham Science Festival, London Science Museum and future trends seminars to name a few.

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If you would like Chef Jozef Youssef and/or Professor Charles Spence to speak at your event on any topics relating to gastrophysics, multisensory flavour perception, gastronomic trends or sensory interactions contact us.