Food For ThoughtThis beautifully presented and packaged book is the latest in my collection. I initially had reservations regarding the actual content and was concerned it would just turn out to be a nice picture bookFerran Adria (which given that it’s Ferran Adria’s food wouldn’t be a problem!). However once I recieved the book and began flicking through it I realised that it is a true gem in any elbulli fans library. The book is edited by Vicente Todoli (director of the Tate Modern – London) and by Richard Hamilton (American contemporary pop-artist), and aims to explore Adria’s participation in Documenta 12 and the debates this has stimulated between the worlds of gastronomy and art. “Food For Thought” compiles the discussions of the artists, chefs, critics, gallerists, and curators who took part in two round tables at elBulli, presenting the voices of 12 potent personalities of the art and gastronomic worlds, opening the boundaries between kitchen and art. This work offers a fascinating look at artistic expression and gastronomic creativity.

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