elBulli was born as a beachside snack bar in the 1960s, though by the time Adrià joined it in 1983, it had become a respectable restaurant specializing in French nouvelle cuisine. About a decade later, Adrià, having risen quickly through the kitchen’s ranks, began the radical experiments that would transform not only his own menu but also the face of haute cuisine. Among the general public he is perhaps most famous for the new techniques, like liquid nitrogen and foam, that he applied to cuisine. But among chefs his supreme accomplishment was more philosophical. By interrogating fine dining’s assumptions — does soup have to be liquid? Does dessert have to be sweet? — Adrià opened the way for food as a form of artistic expression.


elBulli ‘the restaurant’ closing down is now old news. What was undoubtedly the most controversial and experimental restaurant in the world (that received up to 1000000 reservation requests a year) has fittingly moved on to its next evolutionary step, the elbulli Foundation.


For Ferran Adrià, the foundation represents an opportunity to free himself and his staff from the obligations and drudgery that accompany the running of a high-end restaurant. Now they will be able to devote themselves to what they do best, which is create.


Blueprints for the new center which will be located on the same site as the restaurant, are available on the link given below. They depicted a spectacular new structure with archives and an audiovisual room as well as spaces dedicated to more esoteric things like an “empathic tree experience.” Construction on the center is scheduled to begin in January 2012


Loads of great in-depth information about the foundation including blueprints of the new site are available here http://www.ruiz-geli.com/04_html/elbullifoundation.html

Download PDF on 1961-2006_elbulli

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