SkewersEntrepreneur, foodie and travel lover Paul Hopper is bringing a taste of Vietnam to London. After having spent months in Vietnam in 2012, Paul immediately fell in love with the country’s street-food cuisine and culture.
Since his return Paul has been working hard on HÔP, a Vietnamese inspired street-food restaurant concept which he hopes to open up in The City by early next year catering to time-pressed office workers. Kitchen Theory are helping Paul run a series of ‘hop-ups’ as a sneak peak of HÔP’s vibrant menu to come.


The Whole Hog

HÔP is all about sharing the unique and vibrant street-food scene of Vietnam. Vietnamese cuisine is a magical combination of incredible textures and flavours with extensive use of fresh herbs, spices and aromatics. Some dishes are light and delicate, others are hearty and fragrant!

HÔP focuses on the modern aesthetics of Vietnamese cities and food culture. The menus take inspiration straight from the bustling streets of Hanoi and Saigon muddled with a contemporary and modern twist.

We still have some time until HÔP  opens their first flagship branch but we simply can’t wait to show you some of the mouth-wateringly good recipes they have been developing. So why not hop by for a sneak peak of what is on offer?

The hop ups will be offering a 4 course menu for only £22!!! So what are you waiting for? Go to the Grub Club page for more information and bookings

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