We are a gastronomy design studio. Our small team are all from a culinary/hospitality background and we love food, science, art, culture and all other matters which are relevant to gastronomy. There are 3 main parts to our work;

  1. We work with incredible academic collaborators in a wide variety of disciplines. This research fuels our mission to improve global well-being through innovations in gastronomy.
  2. We host London’s most multisensory chef’s table experience for 10 diners. Fun, multisensory, educational and focused on great food, our chef’s table allows us to express creativity and demonstrate applications of the research.
  3. We work on the creative development of multisensory experiences for global brands. This adds lots of variety to our work and ensures no two days are ever the same.

We are currently looking for a junior chef (we don’t have a traditional kitchen hierarchy) to join our team.


Here is an idea on the role;

  1. First and foremost, there is the Chef’s Table; preparation and service. This accounts for around 50% of the job.
  2. Chef’s Table dish development. This accounts for around 25% of the job.
  3. Client projects; working with the team on concept development and execution. This accounts for around 25% of the job.


  1. We like having a positive and creative environment, so attitude counts for a lot. We are only looking for people with a great, ‘can do’, ‘nothing is impossible’ type attitude.
  2. You need to have either a culinary degree or some form of relevant culinary experience (take a good look through our website),
  3. Most importantly; you must be able to cook, and have a deep interest in producing delicious food. An interest and knowledge in the field of culinary science would also be great.
  4. You must be committed and willing to work hard both in the kitchen and on a wide variety of other activities like workshops, culinary demos etc.
  5. You must be reliable and committed.
  6.  A right to work in the UK. 


  1. £ 20,000 p.a.
  2. Lunch (+dinner if applicable) on working days
  3. Reliable and fair working hours – we work flexible working hours depending on if we have events booked. Event working hours are scheduled on a case by case basis but outside of event dates we work Monday to Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm and an average of 2 weekends off!
  4. No basement kitchen ! our kitchen is in a beautiful open plan space with large windows looking out onto London’s green belt.