The Concept

These pop up dining experiences are a true labour of love, a creative outlet, an expression and even an emotion. We have come together to develop unique, entertaining and intimate events which allow us to share our love for cooking, dining and experimentalism.

Our first set of dining experiences are based around the harmony and balance of the four classical elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire). The elements date back from ancient Greek and Egyptian times. They are woven through cultures and beliefs; they are relevant to Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, Chinese and Japanese cultures, and are still relevant in Western astrology.

To us the elements represent a certain purity and bring us back to nature; an important principle in gastronomy. They formed the basis on which we developed the menu, selected the ingredients and cooking techniques. They have also formed the basis on which the accompanying soundscapes were selected; these sounds are there to enhance your enjoyment of this dining experience and we hope will immerse you into our world.

And so here we are bringing together the old and the new. Fusing modernist principles in gastronomy with ancient beliefs…how fun! This is only just the beginning…. See our events

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