This summer 2015 we will be launching our two week collaborative dining project Sensualità, traveling to Mexico and planing for our September concept México by Kitchen Theory. At the same time we have a number of talks, seminars and festivals we will be involved in.


27th May: A Sensory Exploration of Wine – Kitchen Theory Seminar and Networking Event, London

Barry Smith is a Professor of philosophy and director of the Institute of Philosophy as well as the founder of the Centre for the Study of the Senses, which pioneers collaborative research between philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists. Aside from all this he is also a self proclaimed ‘Wine Philosopher’. Along with Professor Charles Spence – Head of Oxford University’s Cross Modal Lab, the duo will take us on a journey of exploring wine asking the questions about how the environment and our senses affect our wine experience.


1st June: Marmite Food Lab, Zurich

Marmite is the oldest Swiss Gourmet magazine, who also host their own events and workshop location in Zurich called marmite food lab. The events are for Swiss chefs, researchers and people from food industry. Professor Charles Spence and Kitchen Theory founder Jozef Youssef will talk about their work together and take participants on a journey through the senses


3rd June: Times Cheltenham Science Festival, Cheltenham

Professor Charles Spence and Kitchen Theory founder Jozef Youssef will take participants on a journey through the senses, showing how taste is not just about our tongue; it’s complex and involves sight, hearing and touch as well. Topics covered in the talk to include:

-Dining sensory confusions

-The science of plating and perception

-Do we taste shapes and colour?

-Orthonasal flavour and textural taste augmentation demonstration

Dishes that will be handed out as tasters to demonstrate points:
-4Tastes (colour/taste)
-Bouba&Kiki (words/shapes/tastes)
-Risotto with scents (orthonasal flavour augmentation)
-Bitter Sweet Chocolate (textural taste augmentation)
20th June: Also Festival, Warwickshire 

Kitchen Theory founder Jozef Youssef will be taking participants through a journey of understanding the importance of their senses when dining. The talk will look at how Jozef uses the research into ‘Neurogastronomy’ by Oxford University’s Cross Modal lab (headed by Professor Charles Spence) to create Kitchen Theory’s multisensory dining events. The talk will also include tastes of dishes which illustrate the sensory points talked about.


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