Fernand Point Ma GastronomySince its first publication in France in 1969, Fernand Point’s ‘Ma Gastronomie’ has taken its place among the true classics of French gastronomy, alongside works of Careme, Lucien Tendret, and Escoffier. This essential volume is as celebrated for Point’s wise, witty, and provocative views on food as for his remarkable, inventive recipes -over 200 of them- carefully compiled from his handwritten notes. An undisputed creative genius of French gastronomy and founder of the legendary La Pyramide restaurant, Fernand Point revolutionized French cuisine – purified it, simplified it – building on its traditions and creating his own versions of the great classical dishes. His devotees include internationally acclaimed chefs Thomas Keller and Charlie Trotter. It is not unfounded to assert that no cookbook collection is truly complete without a copy of ‘Ma Gastronomie

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