Looking to experience the Chef’s Table menu privately with family and friends? We now accept private event group booking at the Chef’s Table for groups of 5 or more for a fully immersive experience including our projection-mapped dining table.

For those who want to bring our dining experience home, this bespoke service delivers a 6-course menu selected from the Chef’s Table menu (pre-prepared and finished in your kitchen) along with the wines, tableware, audio playlist, and other sensory elements such as texture cubes, wireless headphones, levitating plates and of course Chef Jozef Youssef and his team to cook, serve, host, guide the experience, explaining the stories behind the dishes and wines. The experience is designed based on Kitchen Theory’s experimental research and culinary style, with small personalisation elements to suit your requirements. To make a booking enquiry please complete the form below and we shall respond to you within 2 business days to confirm your event details.