Antenna to abdomen dining – how sensory trickery could help you eat these critters

We’ve all heard of fusion cuisine – but what about confusion cuisine? Food deliberately designed to muddle the senses? For World Food Day, Rich McEachran goes on a Mexican tasting odyssey and discovers how cooking methods can vividly change our perceptions way beyond the cake-hole…

What can chefs using molecular gastronomy to play with our food teach us about sustainable eating? That was what I was asking myself as I made my way to México, a pop-up dining experience in the heart of West London, curated by Kitchen Theory.

The company founded by gastro-neophile Jozef Youssef, a chef with a Michelin-Starred restaurant background, like to challenge diners to rethink what they think they know about food.

“There is an assumption that Mexican cuisine is all about beans, corn and chillies. We want to dispel those myths,” announced Lulu Youssef, managing director of the company and the host for the evening. “For the first few dishes there won’t be any cutlery, you’ll eating with your fingers. It’s meant to taste better that way. We’ll let you decide.”