London based PR agency Golin were tasked by their client DeLonghi to curate an unique influencer coffee experience. The experience consisted of one on one sessions with buyers, press and social media influencers at the Baglioni Hotel (South Kensington) in which they were taken through the features of DeLonghi’s latest premium coffee machine offering – The Maestosa.

The Challenge

As part of this experience Golin wanted a dessert to be served alongside the coffee – featuring coffee caviar, and so they commissioned Kitchen Theory with the development and execution of one on one sessions in which the influencers created their own coffee caviar, which became a part of the dessert they enjoyed with the coffee of their choice. 

The Development

After countless cups of coffee and watching the machine at work again and again, the team at Kitchen Theory designed a dessert which highlighted two standout features of the Maestosa; 1) the impeccable layering (cappuccino, latte, machiatto etc), the machine achieves this by releasing a single drop of coffee which pierces a ‘tunnel’ through the milk foam, allowing the stream of coffee which follows to begin filling from the bottom up, creating amazing layers. 2) The personalisation of the coffee (the machine offers not only a wide varieties of coffee styles but also allows the user to personalise each of these to their own taste).

The dessert was designed around these points; visually it looked liked a splash of coffee and it was constructed to the guests personal taste (the base flavours were coffee & cardamom, guests could then select between pistachio/chocolate, mango/raspberry and sweet/bitter caramel) – an engaging yet direct way of highlighting the Maestosa’s features as the talking points.