The Chef & The Scientist: Oxford University Psychologist Joins Experimental Chef to Solve World’s Growing Health Issues Using Multisensory Gastronomy

Experimental Psychologist Charles Spence has joined Chef Jozef Youssef’s gastronomic research lab ‘Kitchen Theory’ to help solve worldwide health issues using multisensory research.

One of Oxford University’s most renowned experimental psychologists, Charles Spence has teamed up with pioneering chef, Jozef Youssef and his project ‘Kitchen Theory’ in a bid to tackle world health issues. Combining Professor Spence’s multi-sensory research with Youssef’s research on gastronomy, the gastro-neophiles believe that they can help solve ever growing world health concerns.

Thanks to Youssef’s experimental kitchen, the pair have a growing knowledge of how humans understand, interact and relate to food – which they believe will allow them to guide people towards making more nutritious and sustainable choices.

Spence said, “Youssef and I firmly believe that gastronomy can help towards solving a number of world health issues through understanding food perceptions. As humans we have an almost synesthetic approach to food and taste associations; red is sweet and green is sour or bitter. We have used this as the basis for our research, and the results are delicious….