As part of their Fusions’ media campaign for the Finolhu Resort in the Maldives, Club Med, in collaboration with Imagine+, hosted a series of multisensory events aimed at highlighting their focus on the experiential aspects of holiday going. No longer are guests at such unique and prestigious locations simply satisfied with the ‘regular’ resort experience and a good sun tan, nowadays there is a desire for more interesting experiences along the way. Dining is a central activity which many guests prioritise when on holiday, this is increasingly becoming the reason they travel to certain destinations. Gastrotourism is huge, and while France and Italy have benefited from such tourism for a while now, just look at the money being directed towards this by tourism boards; Peru, Mexico, Singapore and Australia are all notable examples.

The Challenge

Kitchen Theory’s Chef Jozef Youssef and award-winning Singaporean composer Tze Toh worked together to curate a multicourse dining experience for 60 guests at the Club Med Finolhu Resort. The 8-course tasting menu explored the mythology and legends of the Maldives.

The Development

Over the course of several months, Jozef and Tze explored Maldivian culture and sought to find meaningful stories from which to develop the experience. Once the framework for the concept had been agreed upon, both teams worked on finding the audio and gustatory means by which to bring these stories to life. The process involved a continuous exchange of ideas between the two collaborators, with the music and flavours being conceived in unison, rather than having one lead the other throughout the entire process.

The Menu & Audio Soundscapes


Water (The Mythical Seafarer)


Wakame Salad with Dhivehi (Maldivian dried Bonito) and Sesame Sand

Inspired by the rich, bountiful sea surrounding us and the element of water

Wine pairing suggestion: Lucien Crochet Sancerre

Audio Soundscape: The Mythical Seafarer

~ ~ ~

Water (Voyage)


Cured Tuna with Watermelon and Feta

Inspired by the rich, bountiful sea surrounding us and the element of water

Wine pairing suggestion: MC Laren Vale Chardonnay

~ ~ ~

Fire (Kingdom of Gold)

Main Course

Lobster with Squid Ink Sago and Coconut Picada

Inspired by the legend of the Maldivian ruling dynasty and the element of fire

Wine pairing suggestion: Moet Chandon Rose

Audio Soundscape: Legend of Fire “Live”

~ ~ ~

Wind (Gift to the Gods)


Orange Blossom Panna Cotta with Pistachio Crumble

Inspired by mythology related to the Maldivian King of the winds and the element of wind

Drink pairing suggestion: Pina Colada

~ ~ ~