Did you know that for some people, words have colours and names have flavours? This neurological phenomenon is called synaesthesia. With the team around Kitchen Theory, London chef Jozef Youssef has put together an eight-course menu and experience, which not only raises awareness, but also further questions our senses and how they interact.

There is nothing more multi-sensory than the food we eat – all senses come together to experience it. When eating a meal you can experience some of the interaction between the senses. First you see the colour of the food, which will set the expectations of the taste and flavours in your mind. But tastes also have shapes – some are more rounded, some more angular. Many top chefs are working with “sensory congruity”, when food looks as it tastes or sounds as it should, but sometimes it can be fun to break that congruence, giving people something unexpected and surprising, according to the Kitchen Theory team….