This chef wants you to taste your food with every sense

by Siobhan Norton
Wednesday October 4th 2017

It’s bucketing rain in a nondescript estate somewhere in Barnet, north London. I’m hesitating, when a smiling man under a large umbrella approaches. “You’re right on time,” he says, pointing in the direction of an industrial lift.

It’s a relief when the lift doors open on to a bright white corridor. The other guests are already here, chatting and drinking Champagne. We are split into several groups, with the first led into the next room, while the rest of us stay behind, laughing nervously about what lies ahead.

The culinary rabbit hole

My group is called, and we begin our trip down the culinary rabbit hole. The evening starts with a short screening, followed by a few taste experiments in the “study”, before finally being shown to the 10-seat table beside the open kitchen, where the chefs have been busy. Perhaps it’s apt we’re in a former Victorian toothpaste factory – this evening promises to be a real treat for the palate.