‘Hi, I am Jozef Youssef’ & His Collaborative Work with Chivas 18 Ultimate Cask Collection


Jozef Youssef is the Kitchen Theory founder and chef patron. A few years after completing university, Jozef realised his true passion lay in the world of gastronomy. Ever since, he has been on a culinary odyssey to find out about all things related to food and science, multi-sensory experiences, kitchen management and kitchen design, restaurants. Jozef is also the author of ‘Molecular Gastronomy at Home’, a simple introduction to the science behind modernist culinary techniques.

As a London based chef he has had the privilege of working in some of the city’s top restaurants and 5 star deluxe hotels including Helene Darroze at the Connaught (Chef Raphael Francois), The Dorchester Hotel (Chef Brian Hughson), Pearl (Chef Jun Tanaka) and a summer at The Fat Duck.

Kitchen Theory is both an online resource dedicated to all things food science and culture as well as a collaborative project which focuses on the development of multi-sensory and modernist experimental dining events.

Jozef is the creative mastermind and Chef Patron of Kitchen Theory’s experimental dining events which are hosted 10 months of the year. The multi-sensory dining experiences are an extension of Jozef’s research into the fascinating world of Sensory Gastronomy, for which, research is carried out in collaboration with Charles Spence of Oxford University’s Crossmodal Department. Jozef also collaborates with artists, scientists and a group of talented professionals.

Interview Session 

  1. What are the attributes to being a good chef? And then to becoming a famous chef?

Well first of all you have to be a good cook! By this I mean understanding flavour, balance, how to select great ingredients, and then how to use them and bring out their best. Only once you have mastered all this and invested enough time to have developed your own culinary vision and philosophy are you ready to be called a chef. Then once you are a chef you must have the leadership skills which empower you to select and motivate a passionate team. And if you are able to offer something remarkable, a strong reputation follows.