The kitchen is continuing its evolution into a natural part of people’s living areas. Following this trend Designboom held a contest entitled “Kitchen is the heart of the home“, where 2980 designers from 102 different countries participated. The winning entry was created by 3 designers from China and is called “Round cupboard assembling that can be rotated and lifted”. The final design is futuristic, but still a very realistic kitchen concept. Each element of the kitchen is designed to allow objects to come to the user, instead of having the user moving to reach them. The idea is that this concept can save a lot of time and space, because everything is very compact and handy, it also serves to improve your productivity. Round cupboard kitchen design   These are the key principles behind the unit: 1. Creating the new concept of happy kitchen: Sharing the joy with relatives and friends face-to-face. 2. The unit adopts double-deck rotator structure, can rotate 180°respectively, the three major work center of washing, mixing and cooking can rotate in the front of the operator, let “zero” distance in each work-flow; And can lift in certain distance in order to be suitable for the different operator. 3. Flume has two kinds of outlets: The parallel water outlets of induction type lie on both sides of flume; The holding type faucets with metal hose lie in the middle of two flumes, that can be suitable for operating under various environments. 4.Abandon the board type, slide rail and hinge of the traditional cupboard completely. This unit regards the structure frame of aluminum alloy and the combination of stainless steel pipe as the integer structure. 5. Integrative structures with operational table-board, flume and kitchen, icebox, disinfector and oven symmetrically, other borders are closets. 6. Lower unit is drawing structure, can pull out wholly while using, and make the operation simplify. Hang the kitchen ventilator under the top unit with function of illumination.