Charles Spence and Barry SmithMay 2015. A multi-sensory experience going beyond taste to investigate how our perception of wine is affected by what we see, smell, hear and feel. Professors Charles Spence and Barry Smith, experts in the field of multi-sensory flavour, will take us on a wine tour of the human senses, showing how each contributes to our enjoyment and appreciation of wine. Along the way you’ll be invited to use all your senses to experience the wines – and to understand the neuroscience and philosophy that determine exactly why you perceive them in quite the way that you do.

Barry Smith is a Professor of philosophy and director of the Institute of Philosophy as well as the founder of the Centre for the Study of the Senses, which pioneers collaborative research between philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists. Aside from all this he is also a self proclaimed ‘Wine Philosopher’. Along with Professor Charles Spence – Head of Oxford University’s Cross Modal Lab, the duo will lead us on this journey of exploring wine. Topics looked at will include:

-Does everybody taste wine the same way I do?

-Is wine tasting purely subjective, or are there objective measures of ‘good’?

-Where does smell stop and taste begin?

-Can mood music, lighting and ambiance alter the taste of a wine?

-What do the results of blind tasting really mean?

-What wine should I drink when i’m flying?

And once we have learnt about the wine of course we will also be doing some tasting!!


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