William Welch FCSD, FRSA, MA(RCA), is one of the most award-winning Cutlery Designers alive today.

At The Royal College of Art, William studied Industrial Design, where he started his journey as a self-confessed multi-sensory cutlery geek, a “Doctor of Spoons” www.instagram.com/doctorspoon

Having founded his own cutlery company: Studio William in 2005 (Foodservice https://studiowilliam-foodservice.co.uk Consumer https://studiowilliam.com/ ), William travels the globe in search of foodservice experiences, absorbing cultural dining etiquettes and food styles, questioning and exploring the delivery of food from plate to mouth.  He designs eating tools that challenge the delivery of food, adds sensory experiences and enhances the dining experience through elegance and beauty.

Studio William has won more design awards than any other cutlery company on the planet, William’s designs can be found in iconic museums like London Design Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum London, MAK Museum Vienna, Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture & Design, Reddot Design Museum Essen.  He is a Founder Member of the German Design Council.

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