After a visit to Kitchen Theory, you are guaranteed to leave with a new-found passion and enhanced knowledge that can be incorporated into the catering industry. The University Caterer’s Organisation is fortunate to have worked with Kitchen Theory for two years, providing invaluable learning opportunities to chefs from universities across the UK who have incorporated Josef’s methods UK-wide, enhancing the food experience for thousands of customers. For anyone with a passion for food, a visit to Kitchen Theory is essential. Utterly mind-blowing and unforgettable.


A 10-course journey exploring how colour, aroma, texture and sound influence our experience of flavour. The event runs for one weekend a month at Kitchen Theory’s studio space in High Barnet. Over an evening, guests are guided through a delicious dinner that provides a fascinating insight into the science of gastrophysics and multisensory flavour perception.

Brummell Magazine

The educational experience is a must-visit for anyone with a passion for food and will seriously make you think twice about the little details next time you sit down to a meal.

Culture Trip

Having visited many excellent restaurants around the world, what they have managed to put together at the gastrophysics chefs table is something very very special. It is not just the food, but the show, the lighting, the theatre and the exceptional service and attention of Chef Josef and his team.
I won’t give too much away about how the evening works but it is a fantastic experience. Each dish was delightful with its own story. Even though some of the dishes were not to my girlfriend’s taste (She is not the foodie that I am), she still thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. It astounds me that this place is not as well known as it should be. Truly magnificent. 
Congratulations to chef Josef and his team.

Trip Advisor

One of the most startling, mesmerizing and beautiful dining occasions I’ve ever had the privilege to experience! The combination of science, exploration of how our five senses define our eating experience, the sheer brilliance of the chef and his team in the menu is sensually brought together in a multisensory dining experience that delights, challenges and surprises at every course. Chef Josef and the beautifully elegant maitre’d Lulu create a sense of intimacy (just 10 seats) and wonder by using a clever science experiment as part of the dining experience that stimulates memories of your past and gets your taste buds tingling. If you loved the Fat Duck, El Bulli or The Araki, you’ll love Kitchen Theory! Decadent, fabulous experience – put this on your must do list for 2019!


This is an experience which you should absolutely try; flavours, you’ll discover, can be deeply changed if we involve all senses during our dining experience.


Youssef is cooking up a culinary storm with his experimental marriage of science, art, mythology and food. Book ahead, as Kitchen Theory is only open to the public on the last weekend of each month, and prepare to enjoy an entire evening of discovery.


Eating while listening to ocean sounds or while handling certain objects sounds like the ultimate in gimmickry, but throughout the 13 courses presented to us, the food ­really does speak for itself. I exclaim over the beauty of an origami pasta dish, and maintain that “An Education in Umami” is the best thing I have ever eaten. Youssef constantly uses the word “delicious” as he talks us through the courses, and his team certainly delivers.