After a visit to Kitchen Theory, you are guaranteed to leave with a new-found passion and enhanced knowledge that can be incorporated into the catering industry. The University Caterer’s Organisation is fortunate to have worked with Kitchen Theory for two years, providing invaluable learning opportunities to chefs from universities across the UK who have incorporated Josef’s methods UK-wide, enhancing the food experience for thousands of customers. For anyone with a passion for food, a visit to Kitchen Theory is essential. Utterly mind-blowing and unforgettable.


“What the evening showed me, was that surroundings matter greatly, and eating is indeed a sensory experience. The ambiance was such that I got lost in the moment.”

Rich McEachran

From invoking the gods to audio garnishes, Kitchen Theory’s menu is a witty excursion into the world of modernist cuisine …“dinner” is a somewhat reductive name for what was an extraordinary evening.

Bill Knott – Mexico

“How Youssef presented the new Chivas Regal left me and the other guests wondering how we had continually missed so much when previously tasting whisky. To present the same whisky but with different stimuli to enhance your mood, senses and elements within the whisky is truly innovative and clever. I will certainly never drink in the same one-dimensional way again.”

Huff Post

“More than a gastronomic gimmick, these meals illuminate a key truth about the mind: the senses do not work in isolation but in concert.”

New Yorker – Feast For The Senses