Initial thoughts

This is one of those books that I procrastinated for a while before buying…

It sounded like something I wanted to read and the reviews seemed quite good, but my concern was how heavy of a read it would be. As it is written by various scientists you assume it will be quite a dense, jargon filled book with endless chapters going into such depth that you almost forget what the chapter is actually about. My second concern was how much of the book would be filled with scientific concepts as opposed to practical ideas which can be put to use in the kitchen. I finally bought it and to my delight the book was everything I could have wanted and then some.


Although written by scientists it is very readable and goes into just the right amount of science for anyone who is actually interested (a little too much in some chapters.. but if you are interested in the topic it; that is a bonus). The chapters are relatively short and filled with valuable information which strikes a good balance between the scientific theory and practical applications. As with the authors, the content of the chapters vary greatly; everything from spherification to how to make a great toasted cheese sandwich are covered, at the same time there are some very insightful chapters which look at culinary textures, sounds and even how we percieve a dining experience.

As the book is more of a collection of essays, it is also more enjoyable to read as there are different tones and perspectives throughout the book.

One thing is for sure; although the book may be written by scientists they are definitely gastronomers at heart.

For more information visit the Colombia Press website


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