September to December 2015

[color-box] “A fascinating gastronomic trawl through the myths and marvels of Mexico and its food. This much-misunderstood cuisine’s vibrant flavours are brilliantly distilled onto the plate (and into the glass) by Kitchen Theory’s talented chef/patron Jozef Youssef: an unforgettable experience.” –  Bill Knott, Food writer, How to Spend It [/color-box]

The Experience

Intertwining experimental multi-sensory dining, art and education, Chef Jozef Youssef and his Michelin Star experienced team will distill the essence of Mexico using modernist cooking techniques. Let us guide you through a story telling journey of mythology, sustainability, the origins and heritage of ingredients and expressions of art by way of food, aromas, audio visuals and explanation.

[color-box]“A great chance to come back to the basics of nature, smell, flavour, texture.” – David Najera, Deputy Chief of Mission, Mexican Embassy [/color-box]

Listed as best pop-up by Time OutLondonistSquare Meal and The Nudge. Elle Magazine have named it as one of the best things to do this weekend.

The Research

Kitchen Theory founder and Chef Patron Jozef Youssef spent two months touring the country sampling its flavours and forming the different aspects that have made this concept a unique and memorable experience. Jozef is also working with Professor Charles Spence’s and his Cross Modal lab towards making this not only a great representation of Mexico but also a remarkable sensory dining experience as part of the mission of ‘the chef and the scientist’ to change the way we eat.

The Insects – Entomophagy

It just doesn’t seem right to talk about Mexican cuisine without mentioning insects, a culinary delicacy in this part of the world since ancient times. A 2013 report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization found that eating insects could be a more sustainable food option that would help boost nutrition and  reduce pollution. Eating insects can be farmed at relatively low economic and environmental costs; farming insects use up to 50–90% less land per kg protein, 40–80% less feed per kg edible weight and produces 1000-2700 g less GHGEs (Greenhouse gas emissions) per kg mass gain than conventional livestock.

We are in support of the movement and may explore insects to enhance some dishes; not in their natural form but in a way we hope will appeal to you. You will have the opportunity to opt out in the registration form if you think this is not for you and your table, if its not a unanimous decision please leave a comment in the comments box in the registration form stating how many would like to opt out on your table, also note any dietary requirements in this box. Your selected option cannot be changed on the day.

[color-box] “What the evening showed me, was that surroundings matter greatly, and eating is indeed a sensory experience. The ambiance was such that I got lost in the moment and forgot what I was putting in my mouth. And that even applies to the insects.”  – Rich McEachran, Science and sustainability, The Guardian [/color-box]

The Menu

The Holy Trinity – corn, beans, chilli

Nopal – nopal, oaxacan cheese, fresh tortilla, salsa, lime, coriander

Memories of Oaxaca – shellfish, octopus, corn, lime, epazote, coriander

El Chapulín Colorado – hearts of palm, octopus, chapulines, cucumber, jalapeno, aguachile, avocado, tostadas

An Offering for the Gods – venison, mole negro, pumpkin, spiced worm, burnt tortilla

Mezcal – orange, mezcal, tajin, ant salt, coriander

Vanilla and the bee – honey, vanilla, bee pollen, cinnamon, camomile

This event has ended. 

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  1. Excellent news! Very excited, especially as we love Mexican food and have had some interesting modern Mexican in the US this year

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