Kitchen Theory


Kitchen Theory is a London based design studio with an award winning experimental Chef’s Table. Our team, led by Creative Director Chef Jozef Youssef, work in collaboration with leading scientists & psychologists to research multisensory flavour perception and push the boundaries of gastronomy, creatively applying the results in innovative commercial, artistic and altruistic projects.

At our experience design studio we channel our creative method, our scientific research into gastronomy and the senses as well as our culinary expertise towards helping global brands (from fashion and cosmetics to cars and spirits) create memorable & shareable moments on every sensory level as well as delivering sensory research projects, innovation talks and workshops across a wide range of industries.

Our belief is that a deeper appreciation of our sensory and psychological relationship with food can aid in designing engaging, immersive and innovative food experiences which can not only serve as memorable and meaningful brand experiences, but can also be used to encourage more sustainable and nutritious eating at home, schools, hospitals and care homes.  Find out more about our design studio and see some of our past projects.

For those looking to experience our culinary creations and multisensory experience design; our studio is also home to The Chef’s Table, the award winning dining experience and London’s most immersive and multisensory chef’s table is open to the public as a supper club on the last weekend of the month or bookable as a private experience on  other dates. Click here to find out more.

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