kitchen theory chef Jozef



Chef Jozef Youssef is the creative force behind the Kitchen Theory design studio and our award-winning immersive chef’s table supper club.

Chef Jozef’s years of experience in London’s most highly acclaimed Michelin star restaurants and hotels coupled with his academic interest in gastronomy, art and science led to him establishing Kitchen Theory in 2010 with a mission of “improving global wellbeing through innovations in gastronomy”.

Since then he has worked with some of the UK most highly respected academic institutions and imminent scientists to further our understanding and contribute towards researching the relationship we as humans have with food by focusing on its sensory and nutritional/functional aspects. He has published several peer-reviewed papers as well as his first book; Molecular Gastronomy at Home, he is currently an associate editor at the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science and a keynote speaker on multisensory experience design, immersive dining, innovation and gastronomy, including having shared this research as a speaker for the TEDxLSE Annual Conference.

Through Kitchen Theory, Chef Jozef applies his culinary skills, scientific knowledge and creativity to design more engaging and stimulating multisensory immersive corporate and private experiences around food & drink which are; meaningful, memorable and remarkable. His work can also be experienced at the Kitchen Theory Chef’s Table.

The Kitchen Theory Chef’s Table is open as a supper club or bookable for private dining. The immersive and intimate dining experience uses projection mapping, aromas, audio, lighting and narration to provide insight into the science and creative process as Chef Jozef and the team guide diners through a journey of a thought-provoking 10-course menu, designed with multisensory flavour appreciation in mind.