During Spring 2018 Broadgate hosted a one of a kind pop-up art installation encouraging visitors to re-engage with their senses. The installation, located in Exchange Square included a beautiful entrance mural by innovative graphic designer artist Supermundane. Inside the Sense Of Space visitors are taken on a journey of the senses via four rooms including art by self-proclaimed ‘crazy doodler’, Mr Doodle and an infinity room inspired by the work of Yayoi Kusama.

As part of the season’s activities the Sense Of Space teamed up with Oxford University Professor Charles Spence and Kitchen Theory chef Jozef Youssef to create the ultimate sensory flavour experience to excite the taste buds and bring Sense Of Space to life through flavour.

The Result

Kitchen Theory designed and produced four tasters which were served in each of the rooms, while chef Jozef guided guests through the experience and explained how the senses work. Over the course of two days in May, 10 groups were taken through the sensory flavor journey, the lucky participants took part in an online giveaway.