The Modern Kitchen

Equipment and Hydrocolloids
• Modern cooking tools
   –   Thermomix
   –   Paco jet
   –   Smoke gun
   –   Vacuum packer
   –   Water bath &...
New Kitchen Equipment
• Thermomix

• Pacojet

   –   Frozen cocktails
   –   Soups, pâtés, terrines, quenelles
   –   S...
New Kitchen Equipment
• Smoke gun

  – Natural cool smoke instantly

  – Can smoke butter, oysters,
    cocktails, salads,...
New Kitchen Equipment
• Vaccum packing
   – Stops oxidization
   – Preserves shelf life
   – Good for storage

• Sous vide...
New Kitchen Equipment
• The Anti-Griddle

   – Quickly freezes sauces and purees

   – Creates solid or semi-frozen creati...
New Kitchen Equipment
• Centrifuge
  – A centrifuge is a device that spins at high speed to
    separate products into par...
New Kitchen Equipment
• Rotary Evaporator
   – Combines evaporation under vacuum and condensation
   – Liquids are evapora...
Liquid Nitrogen
• Liquid Nitrogen
   – Instant freezing
   – Reduces ice crystal formation
   – Negative 196 degrees Celsi...
• Naturally occurring enzyme in plants, animals, and bacteria
• Meat glue is an enzyme that acts on the a...
• Hydrocolloids are classified as either thickening
  or gelling agents

• Hydrocolloids are ingredients tha...
Important Characteristics of Gels
• Thermo-reversible/Irreversible: Thermo-reversible gels melt
  when heated to a high en...
Important Characteristics of Gels
• Clarity: The addition of some hydrocolloids yield gels that
  are more transparent tha...
Important Characteristics of Gels

– Shear thinning: Most hydrocolloids tend to get thinner as they are

– Yield...
Considerations when using
• Forming Gels: It is extremely important to understand when and...
Popular Hydrocolloids
•   Flour and Corn flour
•   Gelatine
•   Soduim Alginate
•   Xanthan Gum
•   Gellan Gum
•   Carrage...
Culinary Examples
Spherification / Reverse
Xanthan - Gellan Gum
Carrageenan - Lecithin
Methylcellulose - Maltodextrin