At Kitchen Theory we have a keen interest in the psychological/multisensory aspects of eating, dining and flavour perception. Essentially the research in this field has provided us with a growing understanding of the relationship we have with food as well as the expectations and associations with which we base our perception and appreciation of food. So aside from appropriating this knowledge for the creation of unique sensory dining experiences, the aim of this research is focused on finding applications in the real world which address the growing global concerns regarding nutrition and its link to poor health, as well as food security issues.

So when we heard about Project Gastronomia – a multilateral collaborative initiative established by the Basque Culinary Centre in San Sebastian, Spain, we knew this was an opportunity to form a meaningful collaboration.

The aim of this project is to use food as a vehicle for change, by expanding the definition of gastronomy to encompass a broader and more accurate reflection of its importance in society. The project relies on multi disciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing to define positive and sustainable measures towards the construction of the gastronomy and food systems of 2050. The approach will be to:

  • Develop a holistic understanding, and systems thinking approach to gastronomy.
  • Explore and create the future and desired gastronomy system scenarios, then use this to solve relevant food challenges.
  • Collate our findings in the PG Future Report: a dynamic and future focused manual that will provide decision-makers with a structure which can aid them in their efforts to better understand phenomena related to food, and how they can contribute towards the realisation of a more sustainable food system for the future, which is both healthy for global population and full of flavour.

This collaborative project began as an initiative by the Basque Culinary Centre and Kitchen Theory have now joined efforts to bringing this to London. The first activity is a closed session one day workshop  (February 2018), in which 10 expert and influential multi-disciplinary professionals will come together to develop a frame work around multi-sensory design in gastronomy and its impact on the food systems of 2050.

This will lay the foundation for the public event; ‘Multisensory Design in Gastronomy 2050’, hosted by 10 multi disciplinary experts, for 70 participants. (19th April 2018).

  • Participants will spend the first half of the day listening to the experts’ presentations and top line ideas regarding multisensory design in the 2050.
  • After lunch participants will split into 10 groups (7 per group) to discuss more specific topics, share knowledge and identify possible collaborative lines of research/ projects with impact. Records of these discussions will be made for future reference and follow up.
  • Post event, the participants will be contacted and receive follow up communications to encourage carrying forward initial ideas discussed in groups.