How does sound affect our taste perception? Back in 2011 we wrote an article on how sounds can alter our perception. The research has since come a long way and at Kitchen Theory we have spent the last couple of years looking at how sound can alter our flavour perception as part of the work of the chef and the scientist. Jozef also wrote an excellent article in 2015 on Great British Chefs all about Sonic Seasoning.

Working with the research taken from the cross-modal lab we partnered up with composer and artist Ben Hogue to compose 2 tracks, 1 designed to the bitter tastes and the other to enhance sweet tastes. It been an incredible journey seeing the impact of how these tracks can alter peoples flavour perception. To really believe it, you would have to see it yourself. Check out the below video taken as part of our work with AEG to promote the Tasteology documentary.

We taste what we hear

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