The service is a daily test of a chef’s dedication to their work. Organised preparation and self discipline are key to operational success.

Mise en place; preparation should be treated by the chef in the same manner in which students are encouraged to study for their exams. It should be well planned out, timed, carefully executed and methodical. This preparation time allows the chef to become focused on the tasks to come and also improve their work continuously. Treating the time spent on preparation in such a way will ultimately guarantee a better performance during service as a student who studies well benefits in their exam.

Service; should be carried out with total control and peace of mind. Their movement must be fluid and confident, their mind clear and focused. Chefs must remain in control of their section, their staff and most importantly of their own temperament no matter what is thrown their way. Outbursts of emotion are distracting, if negative they are disruptive to all those working in the kitchen and therefore to the food being produced.

Chefs are professionals carrying out a detailed, skilled task. Focus, concentration and discipline are required to ensure quality and consistency, the two issues we constantly strive for and are tested on daily.