During an interview on a recent TV show entitled Michelin Madness: The Madness of Perfection, Chef Raymond Blanc (Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons) made a few comments which I believe are essential to the professional development of kitchens.

When asked about his views on obtaining Michelin stars:

“I don’t work for stars I work for excellence…. Work for excellence; make a very viable business, a good business which you have happy customers who will come back, staff who will stay with you. At the same time by creating this very viable business, you get the by-product of that is a Michelin star”.

When asked about his views on pressure in the kitchen:

“In kitchens its where you have some of the highest drug usage, a good kitchen is quiet, its well run, the passion is high, the emotions are controlled and you focus on giving your customer the best food. And with those places that completely scream at young chefs, completely undermine them, verbally, sometimes physically, shouldn’t be there”.