‘Sharing is caring’ – now this may not be a motto by which all successful chefs live by, however for some of the world’s current leaders in the culinary industry this spirit is very much evident. Today’s most highly praised avant-garde chefs seem more willing than ever to share ideas and inspiration, as well as raise awareness about issues impacting our environment and the future of our planet. Nowhere is this spirit of sharing and community more evident than at the ‘Cook it Raw’ gatherings.

‘Cook it Raw brings together avant-garde chefs and traditional food producers to explore the possibilities of cuisine. By providing an arena for true exchange, the gathering not only encourages innovation on the plate, but addresses environmental, social, and cultural issues as well. By creating an opportunity for participants to share and develop their skills and knowledge, Cook it Raw leaves its creative mark on both the chefs who travel and the cultural life of the host country.’ – Cook it Raw

The exciting news is that Cook it Raw is giving chefs all over the world a chance to join their growing global community by getting involved on tumblr. Being someone who loves the concept of knowledge sharing (hence this website), I immediately set up a tumblr account and have set myself towards spreading the word!

What’s more is that they are offering two lucky chefs the opportunity to join the next gathering in Charleston, South Carolina this coming October 2013. ‘Hosted by Tumblr, the Cook it Raw Community will be an exchange of thought, dialogue, and multimedia that will influence and showcase each other’s successes. Community members will use their Tumblr accounts to share with and learn from one another by posting photos, videos, menus, quotes, thoughts, and more.’ – Cook it Raw

So if you are interested in becoming part of this community, you want to learn and share and overall want to work towards a brighter more sustainable future then follow this link.

Cook it RawNow if I have in some way managed to whet you appetite and you want to learn more about what it is that the world’s leading chefs and food producers get up to at these gatherings then take a look at the Cook it Raw book! – ‘Cook it Raw tells the story of an exciting collection of avant garde chefs who come together to create unique dining experiences that explore and question social, cultural and environmental issues. Held initially in Copenhagen to mark the 2009 climate change summit the first ‘Raw’ dinner challenged the chefs to examine the issue of sustainability. As the events have developed so too have the issues, themes and general philosophy of the group. Winter and the question of creativity (Collio-Italy), the Wilderness and culinary comradeship (Lapland) and tradition and the artisan (Iskikawa-Japan) have all been explored on the plate by the likes of Rene Redzepi, Albert Adria, Alex Atala, Daniel Patterson, Magnus Nilsson, Inaki Aizparte, Massimo Bottura and Claude Bosi.’ – Phaidon

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