At Kitchen Theory, we are on a continuous odyssey to research and demystify the field of gastronomy. Our research covers gastrophysics, multisensory flavour perception, cooking and experiences. Find out more by browsing some of our latest articles or filter the content by visiting the relevant category pages below.

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Note By Note Cooking – The Future Of Food

Note By Note Cooking – The Future of Food

So before giving you an idea about this book I feel compelled to point out that the field of Note…

The Perfect Meal: The Multisensory Science Of Food And Dining

The Perfect Meal: The Multisensory Science of Food and Dining

Around 4 years ago while looking for avenues to quench my insatiable thirst for gastronomic knowledge I was advised by…

The Iceman Cometh.. A Mindful Trip In Iceland

The Iceman Cometh.. a Mindful Trip in Iceland

Since our latest series of events Náttúra by Kitchen Theory revolves around a Nordic theme - over the summer I had…

Eat Organic On A Budget

Eat organic on a budget

Earlier this month we wrote a blog about organic vs non organic. We found that scientist can't seem to agree whether…

The Raw Milk Debate

The raw milk debate

One of my favourite books as a child was Heidi by Johanna Spyri in 1880; the story is based in Switzerland…

Kokumi – A Taste Enhancer

Kokumi – A Taste Enhancer

At Kitchen Theory we are always interested in discovering new ideas related to the senses, the latest of which we…

Organic Vs Non Organic

Organic vs Non Organic

As we look at nature; how we interact with it, relate to it and benefit from it, it is almost…

Sustainability – An Ongoing Issue

Sustainability – An Ongoing Issue

Sustainability has become an increasingly important term in the culinary world and is a key concern for chefs, along with…

The Biophilia Hypothesis – Is Nature Healthier For Us?

The Biophilia Hypothesis – Is Nature Healthier For Us?

Our latest concept Náttúra by Kitchen Theory is heavily influenced by nature (find out more about the concept), this has led…

New Nordic Cuisine Manifesto

New Nordic Cuisine Manifesto

The New Nordic Cuisine Manifesto is a main source of inspiration for our latest series of multi-sensory dinners entitled Náttúra…

Cultural Concept Behind Náttúra By Kitchen Theory

Cultural Concept Behind Náttúra by Kitchen Theory

So we are now approaching the  launch of our latest series of dining events entitled 'Náttúra by Kitchen Theory'. The…



Inventors in Canada have unveiled this innovative gadget, which emits aromas to make the user believe they are tasting flavours…

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