What does it take to achieve the ultimate taste experience? Tasteology is the name of a new AEG-initiated documentary series uncovering the four steps of how to achieve cooking results that are multisensorial, sustainable, nutritional and tasteful all at once. Through four episodes; Source, Chill, Heat and Experience, Tasteology takes the viewer around the world to meet experts with different perspectives sharing their answers to questions raised within the industry. Kitchen Theory is proudly featured in the fourth episode exploring experience. Watch the trailer below.

The documentary is initiated by home appliance manufacturer AEG with the mission to explore different aspects and levels of taste and inspire the viewers on how to take it to the next level. Tasteology is produced by the award-winning production agency House of Radon. The two partners have a successful history on working together with the launch of The Next Black – a 45-minute film comprising a set of stories about the next innovations within clothing – launched two years ago. The film has been screened around the world and referred to as “2014s best fashion film”, “a wake up call” and a “must see”.

The main experts of Tasteology:

-Foraging trendsetters and chefs Satchiko and Hisato Nakahigashi.

-Mark Schatzker, author of ‘The Dorito Effect’, a book covering artificial flavouring and America’s health crisis. • Food waste activist and author Tristram Stuart.

-German chef and wagyu cow breeder Ludwig Maurer.

-Culinary Misfits – a duo consisting of the designers Lea Brumsack and Tanja Krakowski. They decided to celebrate the beauty of natural diversity.

-Gastro-chemist Hervé This, who taught the world how to boil an egg in a dishwasher.

-Catalina Vélez, one of the world’s most influential Latin-American chefs. After digging deep into traditional Columbian food culture, she discovered that steam was the main ingredient.

Charles Spence, professor of experimental psychology whose research aims to understand how much of the eating experience actually comes from food.

– Our very own Jozef Youssef, Creative Director and Chef Patron of Kitchen Theory

-Chef Jacques la Merde (also known as Christine Flynn), is a famous chef and popular Instagrammer with over 125k followers who makes beautiful plate creations that looks like fine dining but in reality the food comes from the nearest gas station.

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Kitchen Theory hosted a series of global events as part of the Tasteology campaign. Find out what we did and watch some of the events here. Watch the full Tasteology episode 4 on experience featuring Kitchen Theory.

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