Polyscience has become an increasingly well known brand within culinary circles. Their forward thinking specialist kitchen equipment is both unique and innovative. Products such as the Anti-Griddle were developed specifically with professional kitchens in mind, while other pieces of equipment such as the the Rotary Evaporator have been re-designed and adapted from other industries (chemical/pharmaceutical) for use within professional kitchens. This is a quick look at some of their products.



The Anti-Griddle™ resembles a traditional griddle but with an amazing twist – it gets cold rather than hot! Inspired by Grant Achatz of Alinea in Chicago, this innovative product opens up a wealth of possibilities in creative freezing techniques.


The surface takes just 5 minutes to reach a temperature of -34°C enabling sauces, purees, crèmes and foams to freeze instantly. Items can be frozen solid or can be turned so that just the outer surfaces freezes, leaving a creamy centre.

The Anti-Griddle™ is perfect for front of house where customers can watch a frozen appetiser or dessert being finished right in front of their eyes.


                          Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

Rotary_EvapAllows limitless possibilities in evaporation, distillation, concentration and purification of liquids. Extract essential oils, create essences & infusions or distil fruits, vegetables, flowers & herbs. It is supplied with a chiller and a pump.


Smoking Gun

This portable cold smoker adds flavour without affecting texture. Can be used with salad leaves, sauces, butter, oil, chocolate and alcohol as well as meat and fish. Use flavoured woodchips or experiment with teas, spices or dried flowers.Smoking Gun




Sous Vide Professional

Provides precise temperature control within 1/10th of a degree whilst also ensuring consistent water circulation. Can be clamped on to any rounded or flat sided pan with up to 30 litres capacity.


All these products are available both in the UK and Internationally from Cream Supplies