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Have you checked out all of the sections in the reading corner and read all of our publications and articles on the topics of all things multisensory, gastronomy and experience design? Take a look at how we have applied the research into our experience designs by checking out our work where you will find our portfolio and recent media coverage or interviews with Chef Jozef Youssef .

As part of our initiative to build a free resource library in the field of gastronomy we have compiled a reading list of some notable research and articles we have found. We try to update this list regularly but if you need more information or have any suggestions let us know.

Research Publications by Professor Charles Spence

Professor Charles Spence‘s work and research has been of great inspiration to us at Kitchen Theory. Over the years he has published over 700 peer-reviewed articles and 2014 saw the publication of his book: Spence, C., & Piqueras-Fiszman, B. The perfect meal: The multisensory science of food and dining. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, which won the 2015 Prose Prize for popular science. View Professor Charles Spence’s profile here. To view a list of publications by Professor Charles Spence click to view his profile on ResearchGate.


Further reading links

Category: Multisensory flavour perception

Category: Food science

Category: Aroma compounds

  • Playing with fire and water Great guide to aroma compounds
  • labint-online Learn more about aroma compounds
  • The online source of technology & products information for analytical & laboratory scientists
  • Imre Blank Gas Chromatography – measuring aroma compounds
  • This database contains 1500+ records on odour information and links in with the main LRI and odour database which contains a large amount of LRI data.
  • oxfordjournals Pdf on evaluation of key odorants of food
  • Nature Precedings Ionization effects on the partitioning behavior of food and beverage aroma compounds between aqueous phases and air and organic matrices
  • Flavornet Find out common aroma compounds

Category: Gastronomy and Equipment

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